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Social Media: The New Legal Frontier

Social media has changed the way we interact with each other. It’s also changing the practice of family law. Attorneys and clients, take note.

Social Media: The New Legal Frontier

Don’t believe me? Consider these recent cases:

Service by Facebook

A Brooklyn woman tried for years to serve her husband – who claimed he had no fixed address or permanent employer – with divorce papers, without success. The woman’s attorney petitioned the court to allow “service by alternate means.” In his ruling, Justice Matthew Cooper said the “advent and ascendency of social media,” means sites like Facebook and Twitter are the “next frontier” as “forums through which a summons can be delivered.”

The husband got served via Facebook.

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Virtually Violating a Protective Order

In Pennsylvania last year, a county court arraigned Justin Bellanco on contempt charges for violating the restraining order filed by his ex-girlfriend, which forbid him from having any contact with her for one year. He had “liked” 22 of her photos and videos posted on Facebook.

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And in New York, a woman may face jail time for “tagging” her sister-in-law.

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Still not convinced?

Four attorneys share their stories in “The State of Facebook and Family Law” published in California Lawyer. Click here to read the article.