Proposed Bill Will Improve Disclosures of Police Shootings

Last year, the California Legislature passed a bill requiring “detailed reports on all police shootings that result in serious bodily injury or death.” The bill only required that departments provide these reports on paper.

Proposed Bill Will Improve Disclosures of Police Shootings

AB-71, introduced by Assemblywoman Jacqui Irwin (D-Thousand Oaks) and supported by Attorney General Kamala Harris, will require departments to file documents electronically, bringing “criminal justice data reporting into the 21st century.”

Jack Dolan, reporting for the Los Angeles Times, writes:

The bill would also require departments to file traditional crime statistics electronically, including the numbers of murders, rapes, robberies and property crimes. Currently, 60% of departments submit that information on paper, requiring state workers to type it into computers before it can be analyzed and disseminated. The process is unnecessarily expensive and time-consuming, state officials said.

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